Working with Autism

The Working with Autism course offered at Glasgow Clyde College provides an introduction on working with young people who are autistic.

Autism is a spectrum of various conditions which are generally characterised by issues with communication, cognition, social difficulties and sensory-motor issues. The psychological and social implications of autism can be profound, and working with those with autism can be challenging.

It’s important for those working with autism to understand what the condition is and the effect it can have on young people. Being able to identify and address the various challenges those with autism face is also important, as is knowing the right strategies to engage positively and in a supportive manner.

This course helps to provide this foundation and the key skills needed to help understand and work with those with autism. This can include support workers and other health professionals who may be working with autistic individuals, family members of someone with autism looking for additional knowledge and skills, or anyone with an interest in psychological health.

Those interested in this course may also be interested in our Mental Health introductory course.

Course content

You will learn:
  • what autism is and how it affects young people 
  • how to identify and address the challenges facing those with autism 
  • strategies to engage positively with and support those with autism.


2 Day(s)



Start date

18 November 2017


2 Day(s)

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