Exam support

Many students require additional exam arrangements to make sure they're given an equal opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding without the effects of their disability or learning difficulty impacting on their performance.

Some examples of why exam support is required are:

  • students with dyslexia may have difficulties with reading and writing and need more time to dictate and have their answers read back to them
  • some students may experience physical difficulty or pain when writing for long periods of time and require rest breaks
  • underlying mental health conditions may trigger increased anxiety.

Examples of exam and assessment support arrangements include:

  • 25% extra time
  • a separate room
  • a reader
  • a scribe
  • a PC with Word
  • adapted materials
  • rest break.
Pleae note that additional exam arrangements can only be put in place for students who have registered with Extended Learning Support and had their needs assessed, and provided us with medical documentation.


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